If you are a family that lives near our school and would be interested in being a host family for students, please contact our school for more information. 720 932 8900 or use the form below

Why Host an International Student?  

Enrich your family’s life by sharing it with a student from another culture and country.
Bring your family closer together.
Introduce new cultures and customs to your children.
See the U.S. and our culture through new eyes.
Develop a lifelong connection with your hosted student.
Help a young person grow into a more confident and knowledgeable adult.

Host Family Obligations

Provide a private bedroom furnished with, at minimum, a bed and dresser.
Provide a private study area with a desk or table at which the student can work.
Provide a private bathroom if possible.
Provide laundry facilities and laundry detergent.
Provide all meals. Cooking all of the student's meals is unnecessary; however, you should include the student in all of your meals at home and provide food for the student to cook his/her own meals when necessary.
If possible, pick the student up at the airport on his/her first arrival in the U.S. Take him/her to the airport when he/she returns permanently to his/her native country.
Enjoy learning about the student's native country and customs! 
Student Obligations

Pay host family fees to Colorado School of English or the host family by the first of each month.
If you decide to leave the host family, you must notify them at least one month in advance of your departure.
It is the family's decision whether or not you will be allowed to make long-distance telephone calls; you may be asked to leave a deposit for telephone expenses.
You may be asked to do a small amount of housework (for example, to wash the dishes).
Don't be afraid to join your family in activities at home.
Don't be afraid to ask questions about English, American culture etc.
Enjoy learning about your new family and your new country!